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What We're All About

Our designs are aimed towards having the customization capability for any event setting: Indoor, outdoor, brightly lit areas, and dim settings.  

We cover them all to make sure your centerpiece is able to stand out and be an expression or symbol of you, your occasion, or even a product you are promoting.

 The goal is to work with our customers as best as possible to create the visual aesthetics that represents them,  from specific color designs, to special LED lighting, to personal phrases.


There are various packages that allow for flexibility with your options.


You can adorn your tables with a simple, one-tower, set up.

Or  you can wow your guest with a fully embellished, two-tower arrangement.

eZy Watermark_22-05-2021_10-27-02AM.JPG
eZy Watermark_22-05-2021_10-20-59AM.JPG


Small Squares are 5"x5"x5"

Large Squares are 10"x10"x5"

You can leave the accessories to us, which range from a cascade of rose petals to a letter topping.

Or you can rent a tower and incorporate your own unique design.

Personalization is the Goal

eZy Watermark_22-05-2021_10-24-53AM.JPG

Want to have something special to promote your business?

This can be achieved with great detail to what your product has to offer.

We can help you appeal to the potential customer's eye so that they can read or ask more about your product! 

Is there a loved one you want to


Unfortunately there are those times in life when we must morn or recall the passing of a loved one.

A number of people choose to commemorate their lives by honoring them with a custom-made memorial tower. 

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